The name Azabu comes from a district in Tokyo, Japan, which began as
a hub for merchants and local businesses. Now the city is home to embassies from many countries, giving the area an air of diversity, while preserving the history of local commerce with a modern, nostalgic touch.

Plan Do See opened one of its first restaurants in the area,
The Tokyo Restaurant, inside an historic building that used to be a bank. Soon after opening, the restaurant was full of a diverse clientele, bringing a lively vibe to the neighborhood. Plan Do See Founder Yutaka, walked by and noticed the restaurant swarming with international guests. It was this moment, in the city of Azabu, that he felt certain of the imminent success of expanding the business abroad.

A few years later, Plan Do See opened its first American restaurant in Tribeca, New York: Sushi Azabu, named as an homage to the feeling of certainty Yutaka felt all those years ago.

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Welcome to The Den


The Den

The Den is an omakase service, Chef’s choice menu, with no a la carte options. Kids menu are not available in the Den. Guest must consume raw fish to dine in the Den. The Den cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions such as soy intolerant, gluten intolerant, etc. but Chef’s do their best to accommodate some dietary restrictions if notified in advance.

Due to very limited seating and product, the Den has strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Any changes or cancellations needs to be completed 24 hours prior to reservation. Any changes or cancellations after cut off period will be a full charge of omakase price on guests credit card.

The Den has a 15 minute grace period for late arriving guests to their reservation time. After this period, it is considered as no show and will be a full charge of omakase price will apply on guest credit card with no exceptions.

We ask all guests to be considerate with any perfumes and the noise level for not to interrupt other guests experience.

Management has the right to refuse service to any guests that interrupts the experience of other guests.